Bob Nickman is the Exploding Human

Bob Nickman is the Exploding Human

Bob Nickman is one of the funniest dudes we know. He was a stand-up comedian for 14 years, appearing on television and headlining clubs and colleges across the country. He segued into television writing, beginning on the hit series Roseanne. He has also written on The Drew Carey Show, Mad About You, Freaks and Geeks and Marc Maron among others. He has sold pilots to ABC, NBC, Fox, and Nickelodeon and worked on the award-winning documentary “Comedy Warriors: Healing Through Laughter.”

Bob Nickman won a writing award from The Valley League for his irreverent one-man show, “The Head.” He is also an accomplished blues harmonica player and has recently launched a podcast, “The Exploding Human,” where he interviews a wide variety of health practitioners and those who have overcome challenges. Have a listen: Exploding Human Podcast

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