A Special Year-End Recap

A Special Year-End Recap

Comedians ANT and Greg Baldwin talk about the year that was 2017, their guests and how the podcast got started. Enjoy!

A special thanks to all of our guests: Margaret Cho, Jay Westbrook, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Perez Hilton, Stephanie Shullman, Hugh Sheridan, Eric Lampaert, Ian Harvey, Joey Feldman, Rocco Stowe, Paul Casey, Ritch Shydner, PJ Stahl, Gerry Feltman, Elaine Hendricks, Terri McDonald, Alex Plank, Jimmy Shin, Carnie Wilson, Greg Cope White, Cort McCown, Mary Carey, Maury Sterling, Jamie Kennedy, Anna David, William Constantine, Amy Dresner, Willie Aames, Tony Tripoli, Alishia Ochse, Elissa Rosenthal, Bobby Lee, Greg Behrendt, Mara Shapshay, Devin Mann, London Brown, and Miles Szanto.

Also a special thanks to all who have helped to spread the word about the show and who have supported us throughout the year, especially Paul Lander, Mike & Liz Murphy, Miles Szantos, and Elissa Rosenthal.

Finally, a hearty hurrah to Executive Producer Matty Staudt and our workhorses behind the scenes: Audio Editor Joey Marchini, Webmaster & Digital Director Cecilie Korst of Chapelure Media, and Audio Engineer & Producer Charlene Goto of Go-To Productions.

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