Jay Westbrook Knows Death Personally & Intimately

Jay Westbrook Knows Death Personally & Intimately

Nationally recognized hospice nurse and lecturer Jay Westbrook shares about his unique perspective on death as told through the eyes of the dying.  A must listen.

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Jay shares his most intimate moments with the dying.

Jay Westbrook is a multiple award-winning clinician & speaker, Visiting Faculty Scholar at Harvard Medical School, and a specialist in End-of-Life care & education. He holds an MS in Gerontology, is a Grief Recovery Specialist, an R.N., & a Certified Hospice & Palliative Nurse. Saddened by the number of mature adults dying with diseases related to their substance abuse, he now also works with the recovery community to guide the mature adult alcoholic/addict to find & maintain sobriety & recovery.

Read his articles at: http://www.recovery.org/pro/author/jay-westbrook/

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